The WE Club is a home for sisterhood in business. I make it easy and fun for you to connect with the right people who will help your business grow. Together We Rise and bring our world back in balance!

You are here for a reason and I am happy to inform you that I can support you where-ever you are based. I have developed tools to Connect & Rise for entrepreneurs with any size budget.

Let’s start today and build your own tribe to rise up!!!


PDF with personal advice to connect with potential customers without spamming

You want to find people who value your talents. And you have noticed it is hard to remain authentic and promote your business. This tool and the tips in my monthly emails will help you to be visible without spamming. You will joyfully connect with your tribe and rise together!

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WE Workshops

Six unique workshops to grow a valuable network real-time

These local MeetUps support you to gain visibility for your business and build strong connections. Expect meeting lots of driven professionals and a loving kick in the butt, to experiment and test your way into growth and success.

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Tribe Builder

Create a Support Network to keep your Business Going  

Personal coaching to connect with the right people that support your business. In a structured way I will help you to gather likeminded and companions who will become your customers. Fans and cheerleaders who support your idea’s and help to develop your business further.

  • Tiny tribe – 3 one-on-one Skype sessions
  • Mid-size tribe – 5 one-on-one Skype sessions
  • Mother tribe – 7 one-on-one Skype sessions

Find your people now. Read on to get started.

Connect & Rise

Accelerated authentic connection between gathered strangers

As a speaker/facilitator I am fueled by the audience. Through asking questions and igniting movement I bring the wealth of experience, talents and skills present in a room to the surface.  Creating valuable connections between participants of events, conferences and festivals is at the core of my experiential session.

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Insightful Airing

Subjective scan to help you ground and let your business (idea) fly high

Dedicated time and attention to get unstuck and make the first steps towards a free life in flow.

  • In Person – 2 Hour guided nature walk
  • Virtual – 3 one-on-one Skype sessions including various made-to-measure assignments

Enter the gateway to more flow.

When we come together I aim to support you in finding your OWN way of doing business. I believe you have all the answers already inside. Through participating in the facilitated events, and by interacting in our community, you will become more aware of your talents and all the wisdom, experience an talents that you have. You will become confident to be yourself in your work and you’ll find way to stay energized and balanced.

FREE TOOL to grow your network