What was your first time like?

Posted by on Dec 21, 2015

Lovely Pauline,

I read your story about no one showing up and felt really sad.

‘A party without friends’

is my biggest fear and I am so proud how you dealt with it! I am also relieved that it actually is not so terrible as it may seem.

Experiment succeeded, patient died.

I promised to write you a letter every other week. I have been slacking last week. And although I don’t really feel like writing today, I realise that postponing it even more will not make the ‘pressure’ go away. Since our correspondence is all about being authentic and true to ourselves I decided to do just that and tell you I am not in the mood…

I think I used all my creative juices and energy for the video we filmed today. What started with a fun little idea (let’s tape the invitation instead of writing a long email), turn into a day project struggle. The first take was chaotic, fun and inconveniently disturbed by my daughter shouting “MAMA” right in the middle.

Slack for iOS UploadThe second, third … ninth didn’t make it because I think we were too attached to the result that we lost the connection with our message. Resulting in two stiff ladies talking to the camera. It might have been ‘perfect’, it was also boring and uninspiring. More and more I come to the conclusion that becoming myself in communication is a matter of getting myself out there, just doing it again and again.

Trying, failing and finding out what my own way of doing actually means.

It really takes time to drop the ‘performance’, to feel safe and let my true self come out.

We adjusted the script, did not practice and got it one camera.

That was it, no looking back.

Enough is enough.

High five and set it free!

Another first timer is the newsletter we send out last Friday. In no time I had the tekst on paper. And then I fell in the perfection trap. I decided it was too boring and needed some attractive, relevant pictures. Yes, I put the pressure on! Before I knew it I was studying the FAQ from Picmonkey. Half a day en heaps of frustration later I had made beautiful image. So not all bad things come from perfection. I learned a new skill and created an easy format for the next newsletter.These new communication tools take up so much time and focus that I can’t wait to master them and use them with more ease.

I look forward to have more focus in 2016 and to be able to grow the community of the WE Club together with your support. I’ll take the coming two weeks to formulate my hopes, dreams and goals for the coming year.

Can’t wait to hear what you want to achieve in 2016!

See you soon!