Share your story on video and let potential customers get to know, trust and like you before you meet  

You always manage to get leads from one-on-one conversations, however, when you are put on the spot, pitching your business you can’t seem to make clear what you are about.

This use to be my struggle. And many of the professional (wo)men I meet.

To get our strong and wise messages across we need to find ways that suit us.

Ways that show us at our best. Ways that bring out our unique strengths and bring out our essence. Ways to really connect and move the other person.

When I interview someone, their story just flows naturally. No struggle. Easy, attractive and compelling. 

I set up our interview so you feel at ease and can shine on camera!


Press Play

Powerful Introduction video’s in which you share your authentic story

What you take home:

  • The essence of your business in THREE powerful 1-3 minute video’s
  • Uplifting personalised guided meditation
  • Knowledge of what makes you and your business most attractive
  • Promotion on the WE Club social media channels

The process to get there:

  • Preparation questionnaire to capture all important information
  • One-on-one coaching to unleash your best assets in the interview
  • Personalised guided meditation to get into high vibes
  • 2-hour session in your office/home
  • Gimbal set-up for smooth shots and microphone for excellent sound
  • Professional edit of the best parts of our interview
  • Video design with your logo and colours
  • The video is available within 3 days

Price of these ‘Press play Video’s’ is 750,00 Euro ex. btw.

(995,00 Euro ex. btw when booking after March 31th 2019)

Schedule a day and time for our interview. 

“Conversations with Marja are magical. When she interviews you, it doesn’t feel like a series of prepared questions. It feels like an organic conversation that evolves naturally. Marja is an expert listener and she hears the things you say, and don’t say, and knows how to go deep into the heart of the matter. You’ll come away feeling inspired, connected, and more clear about who you are and what you do.

If you have the chance to talk with Marja, take it!

Stephanie Ward –  Business and Marketing Mentor


“I had the opportunity to watch an interview produced by Marja Godvliet and it was one of the most well produced, authentic and informative product interviews I have seen. In my business, I have the occasion often to see promotional interviews and Marja’s product really stood out in my mind. Her natural, engaging style kept my attention throughout and kept me focused on the person being interviewed.”

David Khachadoorian, Anchorage, Alaska United States March 2018


“Mezelf op film. Het is altijd even wennen, maar stiekem een heel leuk interview geworden.”

Muriel Maas –  Owner and Founder at YES! WE CONNECT


“Jaren heb ik me verzet tegen het maken van een promotiefilmpje. Als ik eerlijk ben komt dat omdat ik het hartstikke eng vind om tegen een lopende camera te praten. Ik voel me dan alsof ik ben gehypnotiseerd en vergeet instant al die leuke en boeiende dingen die ik had willen zeggen. Tot mijn plezier waren de opnames met Marja juist heel gemakkelijk en ontspannen. Van mijn clienten hoor ik ook terug dat ze me natuurlijk vinden overkomen.
Marja heeft echt een authentiek talent voor interviewen.“

Claudia van het Kaar –
Vrouwencoach, borstweefseltherapeute


In 2016 I started the video series ‘WE Rise’ to find out how women work with their feminine qualities to build a thriving business. I have interviewed 30 Women Entrepreneurs to discover the secrets how women can work with ease and flow to live a harmonic life in abundance.

I notice that so many of these successful women were surprised by the power of their own story. Most of them had never seen themselves blossom in front of a camera!

From the WE Rise interviews, I have collected the most powerful tips and advice to attract business with ease and joy. I have gathered this wisdom in a handy tool which you can use to build to attract business. You can download it at the bottom of this page.

You can find an overview of all the interviews on my YouTube page.


Hanneke Wolff, relatie- en intimiteitscoach

Mariah Mansvelt Beck, Co-Founder of Yoni.

I am passionate about women doing business their OWN way and sharing their authentic stories. We can make a change and bring our world back into balance.

I love to support you, to capture your story with as much fire and passion as you would have when sharing it with your best friend.

My pure attention, presence and sincere curiosity, help you to relax and just be. Together we can create a very attractive promotion video that will reach your desired customer. 


Do you need more information to decide? I am happy to discuss your questions about my offer. I promise we will keep our conversation to maximum 15 minutes, I know life is busy enough as it is ;-). Use this handy tool to find a spot on your agenda that suits us both best.


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