You have found your own unique way of helping your customers. By using your talents, skills, experience, consciousness and intuition you craft a made-to-measure solution for each client. They love your work and value you highly.

However, your diversity and spiritual gifts make it difficult to market your business. You do not fit in one box and often have the feeling you are spamming people when you use methods that are successful for other entrepreneurs.

With my interviews, I capture the authentic voice of an entrepreneur. I show the purpose and passion that drives a business owner. After seeing the video potential clients have a clear feeling if the solution you offer fit their needs.

With my high vibes, I bring out the best in us. That contagious energy draws people to see the interview. With this video, you will attract clients to you rather than going out of your way to find them.

I reach women and inspire them to rise and do what they believe in! Watch these video’s to learn about the wisdom, tips and life lessons of entrepreneurs who have found their authentic voice and are sharing their truth.

You can find an overview of all the interviews on my YouTube page.

Hanneke Wolff, relatie- en intimiteitscoach

Mariah Mansvelt Beck, Co-Founder of Yoni.


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