Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle your OWN way!

Posted by on Dec 25, 2015

Dearest Marja,

First of all: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2015I hope you celebrate Christmas surrounded by your loved ones. I also hope you’ll get a chance to recover from all the video-and-newsletter-making excitement…

This Christmas will be a continuing of those first times for me: First time of cooking for 12 people, first time I’ll replace my mum in the kitchen for a Christmas dinner (probably with her watching my every move…), first time of publishing three blog posts during the holiday season (normally none), first time one of those blog posts contains my own Christmas story, and – most of all – the first time I will have done all of this my OWN way.

Together with everything we’ve already done for the first time with regards to the Women Entrepreneur Club, I can honestly say this year has broken the record of first times!

And we have ignited a lot with all of these firsts. We don’t know whether they’ll lead to the aimed successes or to unexpected results. We did it all the best we know how to right now, with clear and authentic intentions, and with a lot of courage.

Let’s continue to share that!

Let us use the experience of these first times, and whatever happens next, and share it with all the women we meet. Because finding your OWN way may feel like something you have to do alone, but it isn’t. It can be supported by the shared experiences of women just like you, like us, who will remind you of the love you carry for yourself. A love much needed when building a relationship, or a family, or, yes, a business too.

That is what happened to me, anyway. And I’m very grateful for it!

Peace out,