Guided nature walks – Dedicated attention to move towards a free life inflow

Deep down you feel there is more to life then you are experiencing right now. But you seem unable to find the way to get to it. You feel STUCK. You have everything that should make you happy: nice work, good health, friends and family. No way you have anything to complain about!

But all of this often feels meaningless and flat. You want to feel butterflies in your belly from making a difference and feel excited about contributing to something bigger, more meaningful. You want to have flow and fun in your life!

You want to set things in motion.

You are about to take decisions that will impact the rest of your life.

You are going to move into unknown territory and it is damn scary! 

I know, because I have been there. This is my story which started 10 years ago. The decision I have taken to leave my well-paid job and divorce my husband have been the best in my life. However, it was far from easy! I didn’t know anyone who I could soundboard with, I knew no one who had done the same. Nor did I know what to expect and how I could prepare for the rocky road ahead. I wish I could have talked with my future self.

I would have benefited so much from what I know today! 

I strongly believe western women have to rise up to bring our world back into balance. It is time to stand up for what we feel, and know, is right and honest. We must stop with pleasing, adjusting and staying small. You are here because you feel in your bones there is something else waiting for you. Yes, my dear, you are waking up to your calling!

I am here to support you.

To ignite your fire!

To inspire you into ACTION that will benefit you and everybody around you.

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I use my coaching tools and the ability to see where you are blocking yourself from making your dreams come true. By identifying your fears you will find it easier to listen to your inner voice and feel your authentic power. I share my observations and together we find actions that bring movement, excitement and freedom back into your life.

Women who I have taken out walked away inspired and with a clear idea what to do to get the flow back into their work and life.

This session has proven particularly valuable for women who:

  • are stuck in their career and are not clear on whats next
  • want to become a (parttime) entrepreneur and find it hard to start
  • are new to the direction, location and tribe they are called to
  • are self-employed and struggle with working on their own
  • want to be more authentic and joyful in their business
  • are perfectionists and are afraid to go of their beaten track
  • are intelligent and want to listen more to their feelings

Insightful Airing is a subjective scan of your (working) life. You will go home reinvigorated and with practical advice on how to daily revisit this wonderful creative energy.


In Person walk


I invite you for a nature walk in the Kennemer Duinen reserve. You get away from the structures of your work and with my support will be able to gain a helicopter view of current your doing and being.

1 X 2 hour walk to get unstuck – 129,00 Euro ex. btw

In one day I can also teach you the tools and techniques to use them anytime on yourself. Every Time you are stuck or need a clear answer to move forward, you can help yourself to see and feel the insights that come directly from your deepest hearts desires. The more you use these tools, the quicker you will be able to get a clear direction in your life.


Plan your walk straight away with this easy tool: 

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Let’s have a short talk and find out how I can support you best. Select a date and time that suits you with this handy tool. I look forward to getting to know you better!

The tools I use have been developed specifically for reflective outdoor coaching.


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