How much do you dare to share?

Posted by on Nov 27, 2015

Marvelous Marja,

Ever since we started working together, and even more because of these letters, the concept of authenticity has become about ‘daring to share’ for me. Authenticity as a way to express my true thoughts, feelings and inklings instead of writing down what I think everybody would like to read (such as a different word for “inkling”, one of my favorite English words).

I published a guest post on my own website today, and when I wrote the introduction for it, it lead me to a question. The guest post describes the fact that many coaches felt the calling to become a coach because of the failures they experienced themselves in life, and in business. In my introduction, I wrote this:

“There’s an assumption about coaches that’s almost contradictory by itself: They know what they talk about because they’ve been there themselves. The contradiction? Nobody likes to see their coach as someone who has failed.”


As a coach, or as an entrepreneur, how much do you dare to share?


About your failures? Or about your fears?

Quote - Don't be afraid to failSharing failure(s) means overcoming the fear of what people will think of you when they hear or read about your failure(s). Becoming a coach myself, I’ve learned that the failures I make are NOT WHO I AM. They are my actions, they are not ME. While it’s lovely to put that in writing, I can honestly say a part of me still doesn’t agree. There’s a part of me that says I’m a loser for all the ‘wrong’ decisions I’ve made. It’s the same part that reminds me I will never be perfect – not as a gentle reminder, but as a nagging one.

Thank goodness the bigger part of me says it’s okay to fail, that failure brought me to where I am now, as well as every lesson I can pass on as a coach!

Anyway, you’ll notice I haven’t shared any actual failures here. Just the admittance that I too have failed, still fail, and will fail in the future. No part of me dares to share those failures yet. Perhaps in a next letter…

Much love,



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