Help, we are never going to be perfect!

Posted by on Nov 20, 2015

Lovely Pauline,

I sense your urge to write the perfect ‘blog’. It reminds me of Liz’ advice:

“you BOTH have to watch to not be perfectionists!”

I have made one blog…ever. Three days I needed to make it ‘perfect’. Checking all the ‘SEO Rules’. I hated it, I didn’t feel authentic and it stopped me from writing again.
No, I am not a perfectionist.

Nothing I do is perfect…

Haha, I feel avoiding perfectionism will be a tough call for us.

Trying to do a perfect job blocks me from continuing a blog and sending out a newsletter. And I am sure it does me more harm than just that. I am trying to adapt a more experimental mindset. To get your own business of the ground I see there is no other way:


Scheveningen Skinny Dip– Launch new event concepts
– Find participants for our Business Retreats
– Put a price on our workshops

Take a deep breath and dive in, Bbbbrrrrr.

When I started with the WE Club I wore a wet-suit. I tried to be invisible, hiding behind experts, like Neza and Kristin. Pauline you told me I look like a ‘mouse’. Ai, that hurt my ego. At the same time I know you are right. I feel it too.

I am not yet living my full potential.
Something is keeping me back. I am present but not able to really step into my power. To own it.

I realise that LESS protection IS MORE connection.

I need to take of that wet-suit. And the bikini. All out! Completely naked.

These letters are a journey to find out how to be real, to be authentic and to be vulnerable in business. How to build real connections to grow a supportive community based on LOVE and ABUNDANCE. This is the way I choose to live my life. And I choose to live it with people that understand the joy of skinny sipping.

And Yes one of them is You, Pauline!



Liz coaches teams using the strengthsfinder and numerology. We love her!
For this letter I did not follow SEO rules, but I find inspiration in Kitty’s Cheat sheet.
Last year I worked for Bucket Buddies, a start-up to help friends reach goals together. They published my first blog..
This photo was taken on November 2nd ’15. I was skinny dipping in the sea by Scheveningen. No photoshop was used.


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