Unique workshop series to attract more business organically

These in-person workshops support you to build a strong, valuable network that is essential to create a sustainable business. I guide you to fully use your feminine qualities to ATTRACT more business rather than doing it by pushing, promoting and selling.

Expect to meet lots of driven professionals, a lot of learning by doing and a loving kick in the butt, to experiment and test your way into growth and success.

We will start by assessing the quality and quantity of your current network. In the following workshops, we will work on growing your network with potential customers and gaining more value from your current contacts. We will discover the fun and satisfaction of building strong relationships and learn to maintain a fruitful network that supports your business.

All with the intention make work easier so you can do more of what you love doing!

Topics WE cover:

  • Find customers without spamming
  • Attract more Euro’s
  • Get Noticed and Valued
  • Create your own Tribe
  • Work together to achieve more
  • Grow a Balanced Business 

These workshops a part of a series of five. One workshop per month. Starting in September of February. In Amsterdam or Haarlem.

WE Club Workshops are designed to bring out the talent, skills and network we each have. We come together every other month to meet like-minded women, to grow our network and get inspired on relevant topics. We have fun with different interactive exercises to gain insight into our own challenges and go home with a personal intention.

Our workshops are truly a place where we are all equal and are valued for who we are!


A Workshop session is a great opportunity to RAISE YOUR VOICE. You have dialogues with many other women who understand the importance of working together.


Does this way of working and connecting resonate with you?

Contact Marja to receive a personal invitation (marja@we-club.eu or 06-22 395 395).


New Workshop series start in the Fall of 2018 in:

  • Haarlem mornings 10:00 – 13:00 (Dutch)
  • Amsterdam mornings 10:00 – 13:00 (English)

Investment: 750,00 Euro Ex. BTW 3 months support. (Incl. Tea and healthy snacks.)

For more information, request a personal invitation by calling or texting Marja on 06-22395395.


Come for an evening of INSIGHTS and aha moments to make you SHINE more brightly. At the WE Club you are SAFE to be yourself, to laugh and cry. And most importantly CONNECT with other inspiring women.

“Really insightful meet-up. I love the collaborative efforts. I was able to contribute and take something away. I’m excited about the next event.”

“A great place to learn from each other, get inspired and receive valuable feedback. Very well organized!!”

“Warm, insightful and with good, pleasant energy. Thoroughly enjoyed myself.”

 I want more! 


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