We are inviting WOMEN of all ages who are either starting their business or looking for ways to reshape their business. We have in common that we want to incorporate our talents, passion and purpose in our business.

We are looking forward to form a TRIBE of ambitious women who are open to LEARN and SHARE with each other. A tight knit community of talented women that will support you when you need some help.  A place where you feel you are not on your own as an entrepreneur, but part of a team of co-creators.

The vibe at all our gatherings is SAFE,  WELCOMING and LOVING. You will be at ease and will be able to be your true self.  Every event is designed in such a way that everyone can learn from each other’s differences and experiences, passions and dreams.

Our main language is English. We found that this opens up discussion and our minds as we invite women from all backgrounds and cultures. It enhances the space that really anything is possible.

Are you ready to meet these amazing ladies? Decide now that you too deserve to be part of our tribe!

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