An event without participants: Failure?

Posted by on Dec 7, 2015

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My Dear Pauline,

Your letter has perfect timing! I have just gathered all my courage to share my failure publicly…

I tell you what has happened. Kathrin is a new coach and has moved to Amsterdam recently, therefor she is looking for ways to expand her network.  She approached me at one of our Playgrounds with an interesting idea to match coaches and women entrepreneurs. We met for a coffee and brainstormed about a ‘speed dating’ event within the Women Entrepreneur Club. We were both super excited and confident that with this event we could bring value to both coaches and entrepreneurs in our network.

Kathrin found 10 great coaches to participate, we shared the event with our network and a lot of like minded communities and we partnered with a beautiful location.

It couldn’t go wrong.

But it did.

We couldn’t find enough participants. After 6 weeks of promoting we had 1! registered participant. It felt like swimming against the current.  We needed 20 participants and with less than week to go, it was highly doubtful that we would make that number.

The thought of facing 10 coaches and only 1 participant at the evening of the event was horrifying to me. Like a Birth-day party without friends, my worst nightmare. The alternative also caused anxiety. With the event spread over Facebook I knew I publicly had to share ‘my failure’. I was not easy, I felt tense and short of breath thinking about it. I postponed it as long as I could, but today I ‘dared to share’.

I thought back of the initial idea and excitement we had. I remember we said we would try it out. And that is what happened. We gave it a try, it didn’t work. No big deal!

Experiments can not fail, not learning from them would be real failure.

This approach gave me so much space! Sharing the imperfection also opened the opportunity to ask for feedback, and we are receiving super valuable input as we speak! Failing actually offers a great portal for engagement: something that is essential to me in any communication I have. So now you know my failure of the day. 🙂

The last alinea of your letter touched me and am looking forward to hear all about your failures. Shout it out and enjoy the what happens next!

Love and kisses!


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