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March 12


07:15 pm - 10:00 pm

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WE Club

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Nieuwe Kerkstraat 26 , 1018 EB Amsterdam

Amsterdam, NL, 1018 EB

Most of us work on our own. We deeply want to bring our dreams to life. And we want to do this our OWN way. We are changing the status quo and that takes courage and determination. Surrounding us with supportive people is nurturing and essential for us to succeed in our mission.

Come along and discover:

  • How can you create partnerships and leverage each other’s network?

  • How can you co-create and have more impact together?

  • How can you find the people that support you lovingly no matter what?

  • What is blocking you from working together with partners and collaborators?

Growing your own tribe leads instantly to more ease, fun and wealth! Even when you are totally new to this game!

Founder of the WE Club and community builder Marja Godvliet and Janine Beck, Confidence and Emotional Wellbeing Coach will co-lead this highly interactive workshop.

Marja’s speciality is connecting people and empowering them to rise. She will bring out the best tips and advice in our collective, to quickly teach you to receive the value you are worth.

Janine is an expert at helping you transform your hidden blocks and unhelpful mindset so you can stride forward into your desired vision.  This evening she will take you on a journey of discovery and transformation:

** What goes on inside of you when you set about attracting your tribe.  What resistance shows up?

** How do you build the trust in yourself about who you are and what you represent, so that your tribe feel comfortable and resonant with you?

** Feel in alignment, integrity and inspiration as you step forward into your vision … connected and collaborating with your tribe.

Marja will bring out the best tips and advice in our collective, to quickly learn you to receive the value you are worth. She will also invite other seasoned entrepreneurs to share their experience and mentor you in this workshop.

You will go home with:

** insights into what you have been doing and why it isn’t working
** practical tips to become more confident quickly
** a clear idea of how to approach your customers

** your top three action steps as you step back out into your world.

WE Club gatherings are rated 5 star by our participants on MeetUp , and tend to sell out. Make sure to get your tickets on Eventbrite in advance.  

We will make this workshop custom fit for you! Together we will brainstorm about ways your business can get more revenue, increase your impact and you will have fun while doing it!

The workshop is part of a series of six workshops to grow a valuable network real-time and attract more business. Find more information on the complete series on the website www.we-club.eu

Come for an evening of INSIGHTS and aha moments to make you SHINE more brightly. At the Women Entrepreneur Club you are SAFE to be yourself, to laugh and cry. And most importantly CONNECT with other inspiring women.

“Really insightful meet-up. I love the collaborative efforts.” I was excited about the next event. “

“A great place to learn from each other, get inspired and receive valuable feedback. Very well organized !!

Meet and greet from 7:15-7:30 PM, we start at 7:30 PM. To create a safe space and to respect our precious time we will close the door at 7:30 PM.  

** NEW LOCATION – Charley’s**

WE Connect & Rise Together! 




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