Build Authentic Connections

Business is about creating and maintaining valuable relationships.

Are you optimising the huge potential of having many professionals gathered in the same place and time?

Meeting the right people often remains a matter of luck and serendipity…The more people find common ground, exchange and connect, the more valuable your event will prove to be.

Technology and tools can help but will not do the job for you. Building great relations is a matter of human interaction. People need a safe, supportive environment and a friendly nudge to get going.

In my sessions best business matches are made at the spot.

Creating room for interaction, feeling into what people need and holding space is my expertise. After the session people will feel energised and part of the group. Your participants will go home with an experience and exciting new prospects, not only with a stack of business cards.

Common challenges for Participants at events:
  • Events sessions do not provide opportunities to network. They are mostly one way and often not interactive or engaging.
  • Networking is often random, low value and can be intimidating for some.
Why does your event need my help?

As an organiser you want to do everything you can to make great connections happen. Connection is the fuel to come back for more. My session accelerates this proces and will make people feel they are part of your tribe!

Why me?

Early 2015 I founded the WE Club. Since, I have organised more than 50 gatherings. My events stand out because the participants are the focus of attention. I facilitate meetings to empower people to connect with professionals that are exactly right for their business.

Through several trainings I have become specialised in creating interactive and engaging events. With my 15 years of corporate experience I completely understand the needs of business people. I use my openness and energetic self to create movement and set things in motion. My curiosity and authenticity leads people to honestly share what they need and want.

I have combined my talents, experience and skills in a methode that is easy, fun and leads to highly interactive and fruitful networking events.

Outcomes for Participants:
  • Valuable connections
  • Engaging active experience
  • New tools to network
Outcomes for Event Organiser:
  • New way to support onsite networking and matchmaking
  • More meaningful connections between participants
  • Experience that will create a feeling of intimacy and togetherness
  • Fun and energetic break in the program
  • Very suitable visual material for event photo’s and film
What is my session about?

As a speaker/facilitator I am fuelled by the audience. Through asking questions and igniting movement I bring the wealth of experience, talents and skills present in the room to the surface. In an extremely short time people will have the opportunity to connect with the exact professionals they have been looking for. In my experiential session I facilitate connection using questions, movement and technology.

It will become visible who are the most experienced people in the field, where the innovators are seated and how to spot the super connectors. Participants will know who to turn to when they are looking for entrepreneurs, high potentials, professors or sponsors.

Upon request I can incorporate relevant event apps into the session.


Agata Zborowska – Champion for Change selected by UN Women’s Empower Women platform

“ I have visited and spoken at many events but none of them achieved the level of engagement, openness and honesty with the participants as the gathering facilitated by Marja”.  

Wendy Van Hardeveld – Photographer | Visual Storyteller

Marja’s superpower is to connect people and create a safe haven for them. I find her MeetUps to be powerful because I get to know more people better in a shorter time.”


Contact me to discuss how you can have more connection at your event! 


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