And then…there was just peace and quietness

Posted by on Dec 11, 2015

Dearest Marja,

Wow. That must have felt like one big admittance of failure (even though you correctly labeled it as an experiment). I salute you!

Also, I’d like to thank you for making it easier to share mine. It’s a very human response, but worth mentioning in my opinion: Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine. By making yourself vulnerable through sharing such an experience, you’ve made it easier for me to share a similar one.

Any marketing professional would advice me to safe this story for the moment I’m “successful” (a moment ultimately defined only by the person experiencing it!), but these letters are not about that. These letters are about sharing what happens to us NOW, the good ánd the bad. Moreover, about the bad turning into the good.

When I started as a life coach, which is a different story altogether, I was advised to give workshops as a means of introducing people to myself, as well as my coaching method. Once I started doing this, I found out I LOVE giving workshops! So when I decided to combine my experience as a social media consultant with my calling in coaching, the first thing I did was create a workshop. The second thing was calling you, and together WE organized an amazing Sample Room – ‘You & Social Media’ workshop. We even had to put a few women on the waiting list!

Obviously, that experience gave me the courage to organize social media workshops by myself. Such as the one on December 2nd. I had three (!) people who technically signed up for the workshop. Technically, because in practice that doesn’t mean a thing – as it turns out. Not too long before the workshop would start I received one cancellation. Nevertheless, I went to the location which I had reserved for the workshop.

I went, I prepared, I waited, and no-one came.

You might wonder why I didn’t cancel the workshop. I guess I wasn’t brave enough to face that failed light-sky-beach-sandexperiment the way you did. As it turned out, the lesson was different for me. Sitting at that location, waiting for participants to show up, this calmness came over me. One of my worst nightmares had turned into reality and I was still there. No monster of shame had shown up to devour me, there was just peace and quietness.

Now you know too, and still no monster has come to get me.


A couple of days ago, I came across this hard-core-honest video of Brené Brown interviewing Oprah Winfrey. Brené’s first question is to define VULNERABILITY, and this is what Oprah replies:

“Being willing to express the truth. No matter what. The truth of who you are, the essence at your core, of what you’re feeling at any given moment. It’s being able to open up your soul, and let it flow, so that other people can see their soul in yours.”

I think that is what you’ve done in your last letter to me, and what I have just done in this letter to you. Opening up, so that other people can recognize what they might be trying to hide. Sharing stories of success alone won’t have that effect, I see that now. But it takes quite some courage to share a not-so-successful-story, hoping that people will see the truth of WHO YOU ARE instead of judging you for what you’ve done.

So let’s continue to inspire each other in sharing these stories. I have a feeling it might be contagious…

Big hug,



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