WE Club is a tribe of conscious women entrepreneurs who support each other in their OWN way of doing business.

Business from your heart, with a purpose and an intention. You want to speak your own truth, listen to that inner calling and you help other people to do the same.  You are not working to make a million, so grant business plans or ‘get rich quick’ schemes are not for you. However you do long for genuine support. People who you can share your struggles and celebrations with. People who listen and give authentic advice. A place to grow our business together.


This is how it started: In 2015 I founded the WE Club to get the support I need to do business my OWN way.

I am Marja Godvliet and my way of doing business is being open, intuitive and playful. I use these qualities, my experience and skills to ignite connection and interaction at several events and online platforms. 

And I tap into my feminine energy, which I happen to have a lot of.  I find that 99% of business is about achieving, competition and being productive. It was always the very nature of doing business.

Today we are facing other problems that need other ways of working. We do not need more stuff. Instead we need more compassion and care for ourselves, others and Mother Earth.

We desperately need the feminine elements to rise and bring our world back into balance!

I feel it is my calling to inspire women, and men, to use feminine qualities in business. To see the bigger picture, to be more sensitive, show more compassion, to be humble and to work together.  To bring the feminine and masculine in balance so they can benefit from each others strengths!

After a successful career as a buying manager in the fashion and interior design industry, I decided to pursue my passion for innovation and collaborative processes. My strong sense of purpose, to bring the world back into balance, led me to kick start communities for several social ventures. Being part of the start-up scene, I realised most events and facilities are still very much designed around a traditional male way of doing business. To scratch my own itch I initiated WE Club to support women entrepreneurs like myself.

Since, I have organised more than 50 gatherings,
created a tribe of 500+ Women Entrepreneurs,
and stream bi-weekly WE Rise interviews.
Everything with the aim to support women (including myself ;-)) to make more impact with their business.

The WE Club is a place to build a strong network and find the support you need to grow your business!


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