What are we about?

The WE Club is a strong community of passionate women entrepreneurs that do business their OWN authentic way. Our main driver is to make a positive impact with our work to bring the world back into balance. We believe in doing business in a sensitive, meaningful way focussing on abundance, co-operation and helping others.

The WE Club facilitates monthly gatherings in the Amsterdam region and we host an engaged online group to inspire you to trust your talents and play it big. We are dedicated to help you take steps to make your business successful using your feminine powers.

You will love the WE Club!

Do you long for a place where you can be yourself AND work on your business?
Do you wish to get valuable feedback AND get inspired by other holistic women entrepreneurs?
Great! We welcome you to join our community!

Find out where WE meet


A mixed group of over 400 Dutch and International entrepreneurs that have your back when you need it. Experience an effective support system when you become part of our helpful community of like minded women that do business their OWN way.


A safe offline and online place to soundboard, experiment and get constructive feedback. Facilitated exercises within a feminine business setting will quickly grow your confidence. Now is the time to share your talents and vision with the world!  


Expert support, accountability, peer feedback and gentle nudges help you tackle your business challenges. And by fertilizing your feminine powers you will naturally attract more customers. Less stress, more fun and time to focus on what you are good at. 

500+ conscious Women Entrepreneurs

Connect & Rise

Together we bring the world back into balance!


Love the meetups! It’s about talking, thinking and doing business. And, really important for me: this all happens in a sparkling and positive atmosphere. I feel inspired afterwards!

- Kelly Dekker

The WE club facilitates the opportunity to meet other ambitious women and to build a strong network. You can reach out for help, share your thoughts and ideas and inspire and motivate each other, within a very safe and comfortable atmosphere. And above all, we have a lot of fun during our TEAM-working sessions!

- Rachel Gerads

“Finally found time to just think about me and my business, how to design it, whats the purpose of it and how to go on. Got an inspiration how to start and met other supportive and successful women to share ideas, thoughts and good discussions. “

- Stefanie Jirgal